Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Airforce Brother

Well, my brother got on a plane today to TX where he will "enjoy" 9 weeks of boot camp before he begins to learn how to repair and maintain airplanes. I think that I don't see him again for something like 6 months. I suprised myself by actually waking up sad that he will be gone so long. He might be a pain in my ass, but I guess I love him : )

Celebrated memorial weekend with my brother and his friends. They got waaaay to drunk, and I remained waaay to sober. I mean, someone had to drive! It was better this way anyway. They were charging $6 for BUDLIGHT!!! After my $4 seltzer water, I decided that enough was enough of that too. All in all, I spent less than $20 bucks for the whole weekend and enjoyed a night out and a night in, playing beer pong.

My brother's friends are fun. My sister and her friends came along also. J came on saturday and the two of us left on sunday. Now it's back to work.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Me and Person X vs. Person X and I

Okay. I know that the "proper" way to say it would be "Person X and I". I know that I might say it "Me and Person X". Do I need to be reminded of this EVERY time I say it "incorrectly"? Don't think so.

Josh interrupted my sentance today, to correct my grammar at freaking 6AM, when I was half asleep, tired, no, exhausted and BEFORE I'd had my morning coffee.

So, as most of us do at 6AM, while half asleep and exhausted, I blew up at him. I mean, really? Really? Is it THAT important that you can't let it slide? Is it that important that you have to rudely interrupt me while I'm in the middle of a sentence?

And as a side note, because I got up at 6AM, the cats were fed an extra time. They pestered me (not allowing me to eat my breakfast until they had theirs) until I finally gave in. I fed them half their morning intake. I think they suckered Josh into giving them the 2nd half, but I only found this out after I had fed them what I thought was the 2nd half. Sneaky, fat, fat cats.

I'm not going to remember for next time. Its not how I write, obviously. It's called speaking. The spoken word I feel is allowed to be a little un-grammatical. I mean, seriously. If we Americans were to stick to "formal English" we'd be speaking like Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. I am certainly not asking for more of that.

Not to sound like all I'm doing is bitching in this post and not that I'm saying I should let a little thing like that ruin my morning, but I was honestly fuming (and telling him off for being super obnoxious) for a good 20 minutes before I finished getting ready to leave for my early morning GoGorilla promotion. I made $100 before I even got to the office...woohoo!!

Just in case anyone doesn't understand: Liz does not equal a morning person. I am like the antithesis of morning...and getting up when it's dark, like I did this morning, is just downright against nature. Josh knows this and yet he tempted the Beast that is Liz in the morning.

One might ask "why was Josh up that early? How did he even have the mental facility to correct something so stupidly trivial?" The answer is that he was just getting to bed as I woke up. He's been having bouts of insomnia recently. And by insomnia I mean the inability to sleep during normal sleeping hours. He will go to bed when I get up, and sleep until 5pm. Not a small wonder that he can't go to bed when I do. This happens every few months and takes about a week to re-regulate. During this week I also have insomnia. And by insomnia I mean, getting up at 7AM to go to work, trying to go to bed at midnight, but unable to sleep because Josh is restless. Last night he was eating popcorn so loudly that I could hear it through a closed door. Damn my good hearing!! At least he gets to sleep during the day.

That all being said, the promotion went well. We were promoting Newsweek, giving out free coffee and postcards. The only thing that could have been better is if I had worn gloves or it had been warmer. One of the two. : ) Hopefully I'll get another call soon. I love making $40/hr for doing pretty much nothing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

It was exhausting and fattening. Nothing else much to report. : )

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

V.C. Andrews, the Dollanganger Series

I was first introduced to V.C. Andrews back in 2004ish with Flowers in the Attic. A very disturbing book. I didn't realize that there were sequels to that particular book. Petals on the Wind delivered, as did If There be Thorns. I found the last book, Seeds of Yesterday, to be a HUGE disappointment.

What started out as a good series, dwindled as the books went on. Flowers was very controversial. The controversy and the shock value diminished with each book. Finally, at the end, there was nothing shocking, to my disappointment. All in all, a good series.

I would recommend people at least read Flowers.

And I know, V.C. Andrews is a smut writer...but in my humble opinion its much more embarrassing to read Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts, both authors who I refuse to read.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trapped in Insurance Hell

Back in February 2008, before my 25th birthday I was still covered under my parents insurance. I went for my yearly womanly check-up...all you women, please commiserate. As if that isn't bad enough, I had the WORST ordeal with the doctor's office to the point where I had been there 5 times, waited a total of 10+ hrs, and still NOT seen the doctor. (I promptly changed doctor's after the one visit) Finally, (or so I thought) all my insurance problems were straightened out.

In brief, my parent's insurance company had been bought out by Blue Cross Blue Shield and it was taking FOREVER to get me new cards, then taking forever for the system to show that I was covered, etc.

Finally I saw the doctor. I received no bills from them, so naturally, I thought everything was fine, insurance paid and so forth. Yesturday I received a collections bill in the mail from that visit. Seriously?? Really?? So I spoke to a rather rude agent, a Mrs. Simpson...a Patty or Selma if you will...who informed me that she had no information and that I should try calling the insurance company.


So, it being 4:45, I quickly called my parents to see what the number on their insurance card was. Now, as all of you know, insurance companies (especially BCBS) often change their insurance numbers. So, not only did my parents now have a different insurance number from back in 2008, but they no longer had Horizon BCBS, but instead had Anthem BCBS or some stupid thing like that...AND of course each has its own offices, numbers and agents. So, after calling a million people, or so it seemed...it became 5pm and like in Cinderella, all the agents' phones turned back into pumpkins and would not longer receive calls for the day.

Fast forward to today and I tried once again unsuccessfully to make sense of the insurance mess. Finally I gave up and searched for the doctor online. This took yet another 15 mintues as they have an obscure and popular name like Professional Medical Services. The doctor was someone I had never seen, nor could remember the name and it was so far back and blotted from my memory that I didn't remember the address.

Finally at the end of all this, I learned that BCBS had an "in network deductable" and I owed them $145. However, judging from the way they have worked in the past, I am not entirely certain that this is correct. This particular doctors office wanted to be paid in advance for deductables, which is the other reason why I stopped going to them. This makes me think that perhaps what they say is untrue, otherwise, why wouldn't they have made me pay upfront? Also, they claim to have sent it to my Astoria address. I lived there from 1/2008 to 7/2008 and then moved to Jackson Heights. I forwarded my mail.

It just doesn't make sense that I would have received ALL my other mail: my NJ & NY bar exam mail, my CLE mail, my bank statements and phone bills, but not the alleged "numerous" bills they sent me? Something doesn't quite add up to me. Chances are they don't know their asses from their elbows.

Anyway, sorry for the ranting, but it really helps : )

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Days

Coming off on a loooooong weekend of CLE classes (both Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm), I've come to work only to find a long week in front of me. Bill is sending me on court appearances (that he would rather not go to) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! At least I'll get in some experience. And to think, just last week I was complaining to Josh that I wasn't doing to much lawyering these days because I've been busy with Medi-EMR...

For those of you who I haven't talk to recently, I've also started to work for Medi-EMR, owned by a business associate of Bill's, in my "free" time. I've sold to 3 doctors so far and as soon as the K gets signed, I'll be making 10% commission ($210 a month for as long as they have the EMR). Not bad, not great, but it's a start.

So, its 1030 AM on a Monday morning, after a non-weekend, and I'm waiting for a client meeting at 11am. Doing nothing, except for writing this blog. I've never blogged before. It's kinda like I guess having a diary, only on the computer, and one not so private.

The cats are doing fine, annoying as always, but fine. Josh built them a cat castle out of carboard boxes left over from grocery delivery. They play with it more than they do their toys. Stupid cats.

Other than that, nothing to abnormal or dramaesq in my life. Except for a certain best friend who shall remain nameless. Why is it that the only drama in my life recently has been that of other people?