Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Airforce Brother

Well, my brother got on a plane today to TX where he will "enjoy" 9 weeks of boot camp before he begins to learn how to repair and maintain airplanes. I think that I don't see him again for something like 6 months. I suprised myself by actually waking up sad that he will be gone so long. He might be a pain in my ass, but I guess I love him : )

Celebrated memorial weekend with my brother and his friends. They got waaaay to drunk, and I remained waaay to sober. I mean, someone had to drive! It was better this way anyway. They were charging $6 for BUDLIGHT!!! After my $4 seltzer water, I decided that enough was enough of that too. All in all, I spent less than $20 bucks for the whole weekend and enjoyed a night out and a night in, playing beer pong.

My brother's friends are fun. My sister and her friends came along also. J came on saturday and the two of us left on sunday. Now it's back to work.

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